Acai Thermogenic Complex

Acai Thermogenic Complex

Published On October 9, 2013

Acai Thermogenic Complex is a weight loss supplement from Puritan’s Pride, which claims to be based on a rapid release formula that takes effect quickly. The official website for the manufacturer provides a listing of all of the ingredients as well as the ability to purchase directly from that site. Although the site assures the quality of the product, there is no satisfaction guarantee nor any that promises a return for a refund.

It should be noted that the inclusion of Acai in the name of the product does already raise red flags. There has been a massive wave of products in the weight loss industry that have made false claims about the benefits of this berry, and while it doesn’t necessarily mean that Acai Thermogenic Complex won’t work just because it is named in the title, it does mean that the product is running with a bad crowd.

Acai is a form of superberry that is very high in nutrients, particularly antioxidants. It comes from South America and has been celebrated for its numerous health benefits. However, it has no thermogenic properties, which means that the supplement would require other substances to take on that role if it is to function as it claims.

The ingredients within this formula include: chromium picolinate, acai fruit, caffeine, and a proprietary blend. Within that blend are green tea extract, guarana extract, gymnema sylvestre, and hydroxycitric acid.

The first ingredient is not a thermogenic agent as much as an appetite suppressant. That said, the Mayo Clinic has released a statement in which it includes chromium among the substances about which unproven and unsupported claims have been made. Acai is used primarily as an antioxidant and has never been linked with any weight loss promoting benefits. Caffeine, on the other hand, is a proven metabolism booster. As there is 150 mg of caffeine in Acai Thermogenic Complex, it means that there is enough to not only increase the metabolic rate, but also to make it likely that many users will experience side effects such as jitters, anxiety, nausea, and sleep difficulties.

The proprietary blend includes additional ingredients with caffeine (such as green tea extract), and another stimulant in the form of guarana extract. This makes the risk of side effects even higher. It is very important not to consume any other types of stimulants while taking this product (such as some sodas, coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks, and others), and it is highly recommended that you speak with a doctor or pharmacist before taking this product as it could interact with certain common health conditions, other supplements, over the counter medications, and prescription drugs.

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