Benefiber Healthy Shape

Benefiber Healthy Shape

Published On October 28, 2016

Benefiber Healthy Shape is a nonprescription supplement that is aimed at people who are looking to lose weight faster than they are able to achieve with dieting and exercise alone. It is a product that its official website describes as being clear, free of taste, 100 percent natural and able to fully dissolve. It is also claimed not to be gritty and will not thicken a beverage or other liquid. It is a daily supplement that is designed to help dieters to consume fewer calories each day while reducing food cravings.

To use Benefiber Healthy Shape, the official website of the manufacturer, Benefiber, recommends that users mix it into bottled water, drinks or even their favorite recipes. The main active ingredient within this product is wheat dextrin. One rounded tablespoon of the product is meant to be mixed into 8 ounces of liquid or soft food or drink, regardless of whether they are hot or cold. It should be stirred for about sixty seconds until it has been fully dissolved.

The instructions on the product package claim that this amount – one rounded tablespoon – can be taken twice per day by people 12 years old and up. It implies that this product should be safe for children under the age of 12 years old but recommends that a doctor be consulted for the proper serving size and frequency.

This product operates on the same principle as many other dietary supplements that use fiber in order to help to promote appetite suppression and therefore weight loss. The reason is that fiber does take up a great deal of space in the stomach, in essence filling it up. That said, at the same time that it fills up the stomach, it doesn’t necessarily act the same way as food that has been consumed because it is not absorbed by the body. So it fills up the stomach and provides the feeling of satiety without contributing to a daily calorie intake.

Still, there are many drawbacks and risks associated with using fiber to help with dieting. It is highly recommended that you speak with a doctor before starting the use of this product as it is not necessarily safe or appropriate for everyone. There are certain side effects that could potentially occur as a result of the use of this product, particularly if it is continued for a length of time. Those should be discussed with a doctor or pharmacist before it is used.

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