CLA 1000 Leancore

CLA 1000 Leancore

Published On January 6, 2015

CLA 1000 Leancore is an over the counter weight loss pill that is based primarily on conjugated linoleic acid, and that is sold in the form of a softgel. The official webpage for this product claims that it functions as a fat binder, and that it specifically targets adipose fat, while it promotes lean muscle. It claims to assist in total fat loss.

Among those claims, the least likely to be achieved specifically by this product is the targeting of adipose fat. The reason is that as of yet, there haven’t been any diets or ingredients that have been scientifically proven to target any specific fat region in the body. In many dieters, belly fat (adipose fat) is often among the areas that is fastest to burn off in an overall weight loss effort, so it can seem as though it has been targeted, despite the fact that it has just naturally burned off in that effort.

The CLA 1000 Leancore formula is made up exclusively of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and natural tocopherols. It also contains other non active ingredients that make up the capsule itself but don’t contribute any further to the actual weight loss benefits of the product.

CLA is an ingredient that has been scientifically studied in terms of its potential benefits for weight loss. While it has been shown to be helpful for some dieters, it may not be enough for many dieters to be able to lose the kind of weight that they want to reduce in order to make it worthwhile to actually spend money on the product and keep up with its schedule. Moreover, while the ingredients do have some scientific evidence to suggest that they can help to burn fat more quickly and easily when used in conjunction with a cardio workout regimen. However, it does not explain why the manufacturer claims that it acts as a fat binder, as this is not what these ingredients have been shown to do.

It is highly recommended that anyone considering the use of CLA 1000 Leancore speak with their doctor ahead of time as it may not be appropriate for everyone. The primary ingredient could conflict with other supplements, medications, or prescription drugs, and it may not react well with certain common health afflictions. By consulting a doctor it can help to determine whether it will help to produce enough weight loss to make it worthwhile, and if it will be safe for a specific individual’s use.

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