Fat Metaboliser

Fat Metaboliser

Published On March 28, 2014

Fat Metaboliser is a nonprescription thermogenic diet pill that is marketed as being a method of losing weight quickly and naturally at a low price. The claims are that the formula is unique, and that its use should be combined with sensible eating and basic exercise.

This pill is manufactured by a company called Nutrition Headquarters. At the time that this review was written, an official website for the manufacturer and for the product itself could not be found through search engine query. That said, it is clear that this product is still being produced, as it is widely available through a number of large online marketplaces.

Although this product is considerably less expensive than much of its competition, it is only a good value if it can live up to the promises that its manufacturer has made about its benefits. The lack of official websites to provide information about its makeup and its use isn’t a promising start to an investigation into its potential benefits. Most of the information found for this review was from third party distributor websites, as well as from the 14 day diet plan document that is sold along with the product itself.

The two week diet plan comes along with each purchase of a bottle of Fat Metaboliser (in the form of a downloadable 2-page PDF). It provides instructions regarding the ways in which a dieter can gain the best benefit from taking the pills as well as the foods that he or she should be eating each day. This, on its own, could potentially help a dieter to be able to make smarter weight loss decisions in terms of what should be eaten.

Within the striking red capsules, the formula includes vitamin B6, calcium, cayenne pepper, chromium, green tea, L-carnitine, kola nut, and uva ursi. Looking at this list makes it clear that the two daily Fat Metaboliser pills that are taken every day are based on stimulants and diuretics. Any benefits from those types of ingredients is very temporary and can lead more to short term water loss than actual fat loss. It should also be pointed out that this product contains an ingredient that has been considered quite controversial in terms of its safety – kola nut. Several of these substances are connected with a risk of unwanted side effects that range from minor discomforts such as slight jitters or anxiety, to more severe experiences such as heart palpitations and increased blood pressure.

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