Genius Burn

Genius Burn

Published On November 16, 2016

Genius Burn is the flagship supplement product made by Genius Brand. It markets itself as being completely unique within the marketplace. It also claims to be made out of nine different “clinically backed” ingredients in “efficacious doses” that support both fat loss and brain health at the same time. It repeatedly mentions that the ingredients have been tested (in fact, that word is written in all caps in its official description) and that the fact that it has been tested will guarantee its safety, effectiveness and therefore results.

There are a very large number of problems associated with those types of claims and it is important for dieters to understand them before deciding whether or not this is the right product for their needs.

To start, the description says that the ingredients are clinically backed, but it does not say for what purpose. Moreover, it does not cite any reputable research published in peer reviewed journals that would allow a dieter to check out the results of that clinical study for themselves.

Furthermore, while it does point out repeatedly that the product is tested and because of that its safety is guaranteed, it did not disclose the results or purpose of the testing. Saying that a product has been tested could mean just about anything, including that the tests may have been unsuccessful. Without further information to support the claim as a positive one, there is no way to know whether or not the product should be considered safe and effective.

The product claims to be a cognitive enhancer, that it reduces stress, controls the appetite (which it misspelled in the description) and improves the mood. It discusses each ingredient within its formula but does not provide any evidence that any of its claims about those substances are true. This would require the dieter to blindly believe the claims of a company that stands to profit from the purchase of the product.

At the time of the writing of this review, the ingredients in Genius Burn included: Cognizin, AlphaSize, TeaCrine (without explaining exactly what those are as they are trademarked ingredients), and sensorial ashwagandha.

One last point worth considering about this product is that its description spends a lot of time boasting that it does not contain caffeine and suggesting that caffeine is an undesirable ingredient. However, it later goes on to point out that it is stackable with caffeine-containing products or a cup of coffee pre-working, suggesting that the ingredient may not be so bad after all. This description is full of misleading and mixed messages. A doctor should be consulted before a dieter considers the use of this diet pill.

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