German Herb Slimming Tea

German Herb Slimming Tea

Published On July 20, 2017

German Herb Slimming Tea is a highly popular product in Asia, specifically Thailand. It is sold at a number of different online stores, making it accessible in the United States, as well.

Many of the sites selling the product describe it using translated copy, which can make it somewhat challenging to ensure that the true meaning of the words has been accurately interpreted. That said, for the purpose of this review, several different sources were consulted and compared in order to ensure the best possible accuracy of understanding.

The descriptions of the product claim that German Herb Slimming Tea is appropriate for both men and women. It is meant for people who are overweight but who don’t want to have to reduce the amount they eat or change their dietary habits. It claims to use traditional Asian ingredients within a modern European formula.

This product is an all natural product consumed as a beverage. It does not contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. To prepare the product, each sachet must soak in cool water for a half hour. As the ingredients are absorbed by the water, the liquid will change color until it is light brown.

The benefits descriptions tend to focus on laxative effects and providing relief for constipation while promoting bowel movement regularity. While it claims that there won’t be any side effects or “unwanted stomach stimulation” and that it “prevents the loss of minerals in the body,” this is unfortunately quite unlikely.

If this product functions as a laxative, as the description seems to imply, then there is no way for it to also work without the risk of side effects or nutrient loss. That is simply the nature of laxatives as a whole, which is why most doctors won’t recommend them for weight loss purposes, particularly over the longer term.

Laxatives are meant to be used sparingly and for very specific purposes such as overcoming constipation. Using them to promote regularity over time can make it more difficult for the body to function properly without them.

At the time of the writing of this review, the ingredients listed in this product included: Hawthorne berries, chamomile, radish and carmelia. The berries are diuretics, which can cause water loss in the body. The chamomile is typically used as a sleep aid, but in this case, the claim is that it relaxes the digestive muscles and the intestinal lining. Radish is used apparently for its nutrients and to promote weight loss. Carmelia is said (by the product description) to block fat building enzymes and to boost the metabolism.

Absolutely none of these claims are backed up by cited reputable research. It would be very unlikely that a licensed doctor would recommend this product.

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