Herbalife Total Control

Herbalife Total Control

Published On July 20, 2017

Because Herbalife Total Control is one of the more popular reviews of slimming products, we have taken the time to really break things down for you here. Herbalife Total Control is an over the counter diet pill that is sold in bottles of tablets. This proprietary blend is a combination of caffeine with several tea extracts in order to create a formula based on natural ingredients. The goal of this product is to boost the metabolism as well as to enhance the user’s alertness and energy.

The Herbalife website contains dedicated pages for each of the products it sells. That said, the page for Herbalife Total Control is clearly designed to help to boost sales but is not as focused on educating the consumer. There isn’t very much information available about the product on the page other than to describe the product as being caffeinated and that this stimulant can help users to be more alert and energized.

Still, it does provide a downloadable image of the product package, which can at least let consumers see the ingredients list and product directions. Though this requires them to do their own off-site research into the different substances, at least the very basic information is available.

At the same time, this does make research into the product more challenging for consumers who would prefer to have the information readily available to them. Many reputable manufacturers will take the time to describe their formulas and cite studies that support their ingredient selection. They may even summarize those studies and offer links to them so consumers can more thoroughly understand what is known about each ingredient and what they can expect from its use.

The Herbalife Total Control page, on the other hand, provides less information than is often seen on a retail site. What is clear is that, at the time this review was written, the Herbalife Total Control ingredients were a combination of the Mezcla Exclusiva Proprietary Blend and caffeine. The proprietary blend consisted of: ginger root extract, green tea leaf extract, oolong tea leaf extract, black tea leaf extract, and pomegranate rind powder.

Every serving of this product contains 82 milligrams of caffeine. This is about the same as just under a cup of black coffee. Therefore, the majority of people won’t feel any unpleasant side effects from its use, though people with stimulant sensitivities may want to take care at this level. Moreover, it is important not to take this product too close to bedtime as caffeine can keep many people awake due to the fact that it’s a stimulant.

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