New Edge Nootropics Hordenine

New Edge Nootropics Hordenine

Published On July 28, 2016

New Edge Nootropics Hordenine is an over the counter weight loss supplement that is also supposed to provide mood and mental wellness support. That said, this is a sly sort of company that labels its products under several different labels. While some packages of this supplement have the New Edge Nootropics Hordenine, others are called simply Edge Nootropics Hordenine while some are labeled as Brain Nutrients Nootropics. There may be others but they were not identified by the time of the writing of this review.

Though there is an official Facebook page and an official website for New Edge, neither are maintained and they do not provide any information aside from a logo. Even the “about us” and home page for the website still contain the original template layout and not customized text. The site doesn’t list the individual products. Perhaps it is currently in the works but at the time of the writing of this review, nothing had been filled in.

The only place that information is available about New Edge Nootropics Hordenine is on the sites that sell it, such as on eBay and a website called Bonanza. This isn’t a product that can be purchased directly through its manufacturer, nor is it sold at health stores. That isn’t promising for consumers who are looking to purchase a product with which the company is willing to provide support.

The company behind this product is US based and lists only a PO box in Arizona. Some review websites have suggested that evidence is indicating that it is a supplement that is originally imported from China. This does not provide any real way for consumers to contact them in case they need assistance or have questions about the product. Without any support and because it is sold exclusively through dubious sites, it would be difficult to trust anything said about this product or to recommend the use of it.

Due to the nature of the pill, it is impossible to know exactly what is in it, whether or not it is safe and if it contains ingredients that are not listed on its package. That said, even if all it contains is hordenine, there have not been any sizeable human studies to suggest that taking that ingredient all on its own would provide any direct link to losing weight more quickly and easily than unassisted dieting based on calorie reduced eating and exercise.

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