Published On August 18, 2017

PHENBLUE is a non-prescription weight loss support supplement made and manufactured by an American company called Intechra Health Inc. This product is made in the United States and is marketed as being composed of a fat blocking formulation to support with weight management.

The product itself is sold in the form of a white and blue capsule. All the ingredients making up its formulation are clinically studied and are brought together in an FDA cGMP certified facility. This helps consumers to know that they are purchasing a product made with the highest standard for care and quality in its manufacture.

The goal of using this product is not to magically melt fat off a user’s body. As that type of pill does not actually exist in any form, it is promising that Intechra Health chose not to take that route in its marketing as all too many other companies have done. Instead, it has taken the far more realistic approach of illustrating how PHENBLUE can be used in conjunction with a healthy and achievable weight loss strategy in order to experience the best possible results.

The directions for PHENBLUE recommend that it be used as one component of a broader weight loss effort made up of nutritious, calorie restricted eating and fitness appropriate regular exercise. That said, as much as those two activities are often seen as quite daunting, the proprietary formula for this product was selected in order to help dieters to overcome their greatest challenges with that type of dieting.

At the time this review was written, that proprietary formula consisted of: NeOPuntia® (Prickly Pear), Caffeine (150mg), Organic Green Tea (Matcha) Leaf Powder, and Theobromine. This combination of substances brings together fat blockers to decrease dietary fat absorption, fat burners to enhance the impact of every workout, appetite suppressants for great control over food cravings, and energy boosters to power through both your day and your exercises. Every one of those ingredients has undergone clinical research in order to ensure that it has been better understood in terms of effectiveness and they way in which it functions within the body.

In this way, it provides a complete toolkit that can be used to better succeed with the type of dieting that is typically recommended by doctors. Moreover, it also means that this product is appropriate for use by healthy adults regardless of whether they want to lose a few pounds or whether they are seeking to achieve a whole new body through much greater weight reduction.

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