Re:Active Green Tea

Re:Active Green Tea

Published On January 22, 2015

Re:Active Green Tea is a nonprescription weight loss supplement that is sold by DesirableBody and that is described – on its official webpage – as being a hunger suppressant, antioxidant, and anti-carcinogen. The page also claims that it helps the body to eliminate excess fat, and that it enhances the immune system.

The ingredients in this product are exclusively green tea, in terms of those that are active. Aside from that, the ingredients are simply the substances that make up the capsule containing the green tea extract. This means that all of the benefits that are claimed by DesirableBody are supposed to come exclusively from that single substance.

Green tea has been researched quite a bit, and several reputable and published studies have shown that by using it, a dieter who is cutting back on calories and who is increasing activity levels will be able to improve his or her rate of weight loss. However, at the same time, it is not necessarily proven to do all of the things that are claimed on the DesirableBody page for this product.

The common belief about the ingredients in Re:Active Green Tea are that it functions as a fat burner. This means that while exercising – particularly cardio workouts – more calories will be burned off than would be possible with exercise alone. It also means that when this is combined with a reduced overall calorie diet, then it will make it easier for the body to shed excess fat, simply because it is burning more calories as it takes in less of them.

Green tea is, indeed, well known for being a powerful antioxidant. This is great for overall health and can help to improve the function of the body and the individual organs. Though this isn’t directly related to weight loss, it remains a positive quality. Particularly because bodies that have high enough levels of antioxidants are typically less fatigued and its systems are more effective, which could make it easier for a dieter to keep up with motivation and workouts without feeling like they are dragging.

While it is unlikely that the effects of Re:Active Green Tea will be tremendously powerful, it could be that they will be helpful to enhance the results that dieters are already achieving through the changes that they are making to their eating and activity levels on a regular basis. Speak to a doctor before considering the use of this product.

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