Roxylean ECA

Roxylean ECA

Published On July 20, 2017

Roxylean ECA is an over the counter weight loss supplement made by a company called BPI. BPI is based in the United States, with its headquarters in southern Florida. The marketing for this product describes it as being a “super concentrated thermogenic” diet pill that provides very strong benefits.

That said, the very nature of this product means that there is a chance that it could come with certain side effects. At the same time, the manufacturer of this product does not pretend that this is not the case. The product’s own package includes a caution to consumers to warn them that it is important to their safety to speak with a doctor before beginning the use of this product. This will allow consumers to better inform themselves about the product and to know that it won’t conflict with any of the drugs or supplements they’re already taking and to know that it won’t cause them harm by conflicting with a medical condition they may have.

The warning is quite prominent on the package as it is displayed within a line box on the front in order to better draw the eye. It is a good idea to take this kind of caution seriously and to speak with a medical expert. Use of this product by the wrong person could cause problems ranging from discomforts to health issues.

One package of Roxylean ECA contains 60 capsules The package directions recommends that one capsule be taken each day. This means that the product will last for two months when used according to those directions.

BPI had taken this product down from its shelves for a while after it used to be sold for $44.99. That said, since that time, it has brought it back once again and it is now being sold for $31.99, which is clearly a significant savings over the old price, particularly considering how long one package will last.

The proprietary Roxy Blend (510 mg) contains caffeine anhydrous, lemon, adhatoda, yohimbe bark, goldenseal root, white willow root, Chinese skullcap root, and rauwolfia. It is clear after seeing this list, why there would be a warning written about its ingredients. They are made primarily of stimulants as well as blood thinners and diuretics. This could certainly cause side effects in quite a large number of people.

The amount of caffeine in this product, according to the official website, is about the equivalent to three cups of coffee. It is important to keep in mind that while most people drink coffee over time, they would receive this caffeine all in one dose.

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