Sheer Block

Sheer Block

Published On July 20, 2017

Sheer Block is a nonprescription weight loss supplement designed to work as a carb blocker. It is a product created and sold by Sheer Strength Labs. The benefits of this product are claimed to be carbohydrate blocking, fat burning and supporting a lower daily calorie intake, which will result in being able to “reduce cheat day damage.”

This weight loss pill is claimed to be made of a “trusted” all-natural carbohydrate blocking ingredient. The official description of the product says that this guarantees “real” results for the dieter and that those results will be something they can both “see” and “feel.”

Every serving of Sheer Block consists of one capsule. In each capsule contains: White Kidney Bean Extract (445mg) and Green Tea Catechins (100mg). To take this pill according to the directions, one capsule is to be swallowed on a daily basis. It should be taken with a full glass of water – which typically means 8 ounces. Users should not exceed the maximum recommended daily dosage of one capsule in a period of 24 hours.

As a product with only two active ingredients, it makes Sheer Block much easier for dieters to understand. This is even more true because it has not been created as a proprietary formula in which the individual quantities of the ingredients have not been disclosed. The website for this product openly reveals the amount of each substance that is used. This allows dieters to compare specific substances and amounts with any scientific research they can find that was conducted on these substances.

This is also helpful because both of these ingredients have indeed been studied in a number of different forms of published research. While neither would technically be considered “proven” by the medical community, there is some solid evidence supporting the use of green tea for weight loss and that research is steadily growing. The downside is that in terms of quantities, most studies suggest that between 250 mg and 300 mg of green tea catechins per day is considered to be the ideal dosage. Sheer Block contains less than half that daily amount.

The research about white kidney bean extract remains in a much more preliminary phase, but there are some studies out there indicating that the ingredient is promising and worthy of more research. The down side is that while research indicates that white kidney bean extract can indeed block carbohydrates, the gap in the research is a connection with weight loss. Indeed, the substance might block carbs, but it is unclear as to whether that impact is great enough to actually lead to a difference you’d see on a bathroom scale.

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