Super CitriMax

Super CitriMax

Published On June 2, 2017

Super CitriMax is a substance that can either make up a diet pill on its own or it may be mixed in with other diet pill ingredients. This substance is trademarked and despite the many assumptions that are made about it, it is not a product based on synephrine.

The name of Super CitriMax has caused many people to assume that it is made of citrus aurantium (bitter orange), which is a very common ingredient in the weight loss industry due to the fact that it contains the powerful stimulant called synephrine. However, this is not at all what this trademarked product is all about.

Instead, Super CitriMax is made of a patented hydroxycitric acid (HCA) water extract from the garcinia cambogia plant. This makes it entirely different from what many people assume it must be. The official website for this product calls it “the original garcinia cambogia”. It also claims to be the only form of that ingredient that has been scientifically studied. Whether or not that is true has not been investigated for the purposes of this review.

The claim is that by taking this substance three times per day – once with each large meal – dieters will feel more satisfied by the foods they eat and they will achieve greater weight loss.

The website mentions research from Dr. Harry Preusse from Georgetown Medical Center as evidence to support the claim of great weight loss. It also points to research conducted at Maastricht to support its claims that it will suppress the appetite. Unfortunately, at the time this review was written, it didn’t actually cite any published studies regarding that research. This makes it impossible for a doctor or a dieter to review the research and discover what was actually found and what methods were used to discover it.

It isn’t even made clear that the research conducted involved humans. Based on the website information, it could have been a rat or mouse study. The site says the benefits are supported by peer-reviewed research but doesn’t go to the extent to actually share that research.

Considering the number of times it is referred to, it seems odd that the official website wouldn’t actually cite the studies as companies will usually leap at the opportunity to share legitimate and conclusive research because it is rare within this industry.

It would be a very good idea to speak with a doctor before taking any diet pill containing Super CitriMax.

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