Belleze Supprenz

Belleze Supprenz

Published On November 24, 2018

Belleze Supprenz claims to help you enjoy your food without worrying about overeating and provides relief from brain fog. It supposedly makes this happen due to it containing digestive enzymes and “clinically proven appetite suppressants.”

Right away, this dietary supplement’s integrity is called into question. Making a claim that it contains “clinically proven” ingredients automatically raises red flags. The reason is that in order for any ingredient to be “clinically proven” at producing a certain effect it must have undergone rigorous testing, multiple times. The chances of this being the case for any of the ingredients in this dietary supplement are slim to none.

When this Belleze Supprenz review was written, the formula was composed of an Enzyme Blend (Amylase, Aspergillopepsin I, Peptidase, Protease I, Lactase, Protease II, Alpha-Galactosidase, Lipase, Xylanase, Phytase, Cellulase, Glucoamylase), Green Tea Extract, Saffron Extract, Narigin.

The two ingredients in the Belleze Supprenz formula that are considered to be the top appetite suppressants are saffron and green tea. According to the manufacturer’s (Belleze) official website, “in a well documented study, 84% of participants who took saffron extract reported a significant decrease in appetite. Green Tea has also been found to reduce appetite.”

The reality is that while both of these ingredients have been scientifically studied and some research has found that saffron may help to decrease appetite, and that green tea may reduce appetite in some people, neither of these ingredients have been clinically proven to be appetite suppressants. Much more study would need to be conducted to come to this determination.

Moreover, even if an ingredient may help you lower or reduce your appetite, this does not mean that you will experience measurable weight loss. What you eat and how much you eat is what ultimately matters in regard to how much weight you can lose.

Although there does not appear to be any dangerous ingredients in Belleze Supprenz, there is no clinical proof that it actually works as the manufacturer claims.

That being said, if you would like to try this dietary supplement to help you with your dieting efforts, the suggested use is to take 2 capsules daily, 20 minutes before a meal, or as directed by a physician. This product is meant to be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet.

Finally, remember to first consult with your healthcare provider before taking Belleze Supprenz to make certain it is a safe and smart option for your health and lifestyle.

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