Plexus Block

Plexus Block

Published On November 8, 2017

Plexus Block is an over the counter diet pill composed of natural ingredients. It is meant to help dieters to be able to see faster results than they would accomplish by changing what they eat and exercising more.

The official Plexus Worldwide website points out that these diet pills are made of ingredients that have undergone clinical testing and that it has been studied for being able to start working immediately. The ingredients are supposed to function as carbohydrate blockers, which means that taking them is meant to stop some of the carbs you eat from being absorbed into your body.

In fact, the website says that it can block as much as 48 percent of “carbs and sugars” from the food consumed by dieters who have taken it. This means that nearly half of the simple carbohydrates consumed by a person taking this pill can supposedly be left undigested and will pass through the body with the rest of its waste. Equally, it states that this is possible without blocking the absorption of any “beneficial nutrients” at the same time.

That said, as appealing as those claims may sound, it’s a very good idea to take a closer look at those claims before you simply believe them. The reason is that this product has never been scientifically proven to do what it claims. It says only that it has been tested, which means it has been looked into but says nothing about what was found or even what methods were used to conduct the tests. Moreover, the statement that it can help to block “up to” 48 percent of carbs does not include any minimum number. This means that the range is from 0 percent to 48 percent blocked carbs. In essence, if this product does absolutely nothing at all, it is still living up to the claims it has made.

That said, it should be pointed out that, unlike many rival products within this category, the Plexus Block manufacturer has taken the time and effort to provide a complete list of all the ingredients it contains and explained why it selected each of those substances. Though there aren’t any medical studies cited to back up the claims and explanations, at least it went so far as to share why it feels its product will work. This type of specificity also makes it easier for a dieter to do his or her own research into the ingredients, too, as it makes it easier to research the ingredient and the type of claim made about it.

At the time this product review was written, the Plexus Block ingredients were: exclusive brown seaweed blend (which is a combination of Ascophyllum nodosum and Fucus vesiculosus) as well as white kidney bean extract and Chromax (chromium picolinate).

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