Published On November 28, 2019
Slendesta is an over the counter weight loss supplement that was developed and is manufactured by Kemin Industries. It is marketed as being an appetite suppressant, which is a type of product meant to shrink hunger pangs and/or food cravings to make it easier to reduce food consumption and lose excess fat. Kemin Industries has been in existence since 1961. It is a Des Moines, Iowa based company that is well known for producing nonprescription products such as supplements, which, according to the official website, “deliver maximum efficiency through superior science.” The company also manufactures and sells a wide variety of food products, pet foods, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals within the country and worldwide.   

How Slendesta Claims to Help

Slendesta is a natural potato protein-based dietary supplement ingredient that Kemin claims is “safe” and will “help you feel full without any unpleasant side effects.” Slendesta will supposedly help the dieter to eat smaller portions because he or she will simply not feel as hungry because of the product’s ability to suppress appetite. This will allow the individual to eat smaller meals and skip diets that are high in calories that would typically be consumed in response to hunger pangs. When this Slendesta review was created, the official website for this product states that in order to achieve long-term weight loss success, controlling hunger and avoiding binge eating is very important. Kemin says that Slendesta provides the support dieters require to control hunger and feel satiated between meals. More to the point, when this dietary ingredient is formulated into a supplement or food product, it supposedly helps in the following ways:
  • Boost fullness to help you feel satisfied quicker and for longer.
  • Suppresses appetite and control hunger, which can help to make dieting easier and help with weight management efforts.
  • Promotes weight loss and decreased waist and hip measurement when used alongside a sensible diet and exercise regimen. 
It should be noted that even if Slendesta works as its creator claims, it would not be an ideal product for everyone seeking to lose weight, particularly for those whose weight loss struggles don’t have anything to do with hunger. In other words, if you don’t struggle with your diet, this product isn’t for you.   

What Studies Say

On the official Slendesta website, a clinical study is referenced to back up the manufacturer’s claims regarding the product’s satiety and weight management benefits. The study involving Slendesta and P12 (the active molecule in Slendesta) was carried out in 12 human clinical trials with over 500 collective participants. These participants were informed of a healthy diet and exercise, but were not given a specific regimen to follow. The results of these clinical trials, according to the website was that:
  • No adverse side effects were reported
  • Participants has increased feelings of fullness
  • Weight loss occurred, including significant reduction in waist and hip measurements
  • Lowered post-meal blood sugar
While this may sound impressive, the website doesn’t tell you who carried out these clinical trials or when they occurred. Nor do they provide a citation to the actual study. Without any of this information, these findings are not enough to scientifically prove that Slendesta is effective as claimed. More importantly, there has been a review of this product by an independent, and very reputable source, called the EFSA, or the European Food Safety Association. An EFSA panel reviewed the scientific studies behind Slendesta marketing claims and concluded that there was NO evidence that this product will help to reduce body weight.   

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that there is absolutely no solid evidence that Slendesta works as its developers say. This being the case, there is a very good chance that this ingredient will do absolutely nothing to benefit your weight loss efforts. As this is the case, it would likely be in your (and your wallet’s) best interest to avoid products containing this ingredient.
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