XLS Medical Appetite Reducer

XLS Medical Appetite Reducer

Published On August 4, 2014

XLS Medical Appetite Reducer is one of a number of supplements that is manufactured by a large and well reputed company called Omega Pharma. That company has produced a large number of different supplements, including in the weight loss line, such as for fat blockers and carb blockers, as well as this appetite suppressant.

The claims from Omega Pharma are that taking XLS Medical Appetite Reducer will allow a user to drop his or her weight by up to 2.5 kilograms (that is, about 5 and a half pounds) simply by providing the additional assistance in appetite suppression. While this does sound like a healthy rate of weight loss that is not exceptionally fast, it depends on whether or not the product actually works.

The manufacturer claims that it works because it is taken two to three times per day and it is made up of a dietary fiber that will swell up to 50 times its original size when it absorbs water. Therefore, it is important to drink a lot of water when taking these pills, because they won’t simply work automatically in the stomach. The promise is that this larger amount of fiber will make the stomach feel fuller so that the dieter won’t feel as inclined to eat as much. The fiber doesn’t become absorbed into the body, but it instead passes right through it with the waste, so that the dieter doesn’t have to worry about calories from the product.

The ingredients that make up the XLS Medical Appetite Reducer formula are: Redusure (a brand name version of a plant called amorphophallus konjac, which contains a highly water soluble extract), and that’s it. Though this substance has been studied, the results are far too limited to be considered to be conclusive. Though this substance may have a shot at working, it has not been proven to do so.

Moreover, because it is exclusively an appetite suppressant, it still depends on the dieter to choose the right foods to keep his or her calories down in order to be able to lose weight. Just because a person has eaten less, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their daily calorie intake will be any lower. After all, there are far fewer calories in a huge bowl of vegetables than there are in a medium sized order of fries.

While there is some potential that this product could work, it would depend entirely on the dieter and his or her commitment to a reduced calorie, increased activity program.

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